Revault terminal

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Revault GUI is an user graphical interface written in rust for the Revault daemon.


  • fontconfig (On Debian/Ubuntu apt install libfontconfig1-dev)
  • pkg-config (On Debian/Ubuntu apt install pkg-config)
  • libxkbcommon for the dummy signer (On Debian/Ubuntu apt install libxkbcommon-dev)
  • Vulkan drivers (On Debian/Ubuntu apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers libvulkan-dev)
  • libudev-dev (On Debian/Ubuntu apt install libudev-dev)

We are striving to remove dependencies, especially the 3D ones.


revault-gui --datadir <datadir> --<network>

The default datadir is the default revaultd datadir (~/.revault for linux) and the default network is the bitcoin mainnet.

If no argument is provided, the GUI checks in the default datadir the configuration file for the bitcoin mainnet.

If the provided datadir is empty or does not have the configuration file for the targeted network, the GUI starts with the installer mode.

Instead of using --datadir and --<network>, a direct path to the GUI configuration file can be provided with --conf.

After start up, The GUI will connect to the running revaultd. A command starting revaultd is launched if no connection is made.

Get started

See aquarium for trying out a Revault deployment in no time.

See doc/DEMO_TESTNET.md for instructions on how to setup Revault on testnet (more involved and likely needs more participants).


  • If you encounter layout issue on X11, try to start the GUI with WINIT_X11_SCALE_FACTOR manually set to 1