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🎛️ Command Center

The Command Center is a dashboard for seeing RenVM stats and for operating darknodes. It should be used along side the Darknode CLI.

For instructions on running a darknode, see


Network stats

Darknode page

Developer notes


The project is structured into lib.

The library (lib) files of note are:

Running locally

After cloning, run:

yarn start

To configure the network or add an Infura key, create a .env file:

REACT_APP_NETWORK="mainnet" # Options are "testnet" (default) or "mainnet"

If you don't have an Infura key (Project ID), you should make sure to connect your Web3 wallet when the page is loaded. You may see some errors until the wallet is connected. A free Infura key can generated at


(see CircleCI config for more details)

In one terminal, start a local Ethereum node by running:

cd ./node_modules/darknode-sol
yarn install
(yarn ganache-cli -d  > /dev/null &)
sleep 5
yarn truffle migrate 

In another, run:

yarn run test