Yet Another Openssl GUI : Qt based openssl GUI to create CSR, certificates, keys (RSA / DSA / EC)

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Yet Another Openssl GUI : Qt base openssl GUI to create CSR, certificates, keys (RSA / DSA / EC), P12 etc...

Current version : 1.1.2 using openSSL 1.1.1g

If you have a problem, open an issue. If you have a question go to discussion

This project aims to allow creating certificates / keys in a quick and easy way.

Features :

  • Single executable with no dependencies (openssl & Qt lib are included)
  • Create auto sign certificates or CSR with immediate PEM display to copy/paste
  • Certificate signing
  • Stack to handle multiple certificates
  • Conversion from certificate (private key) to csr
  • Allow RSA, DSA and elliptic curve keys
  • Encrypt/decrypt keys, check certificate / key match
  • Set X509v3 extensions
  • Import/export to PKCS#12
  • Should work on any platform supported by Qt

Platforms for release binaries :

  • Windows release
  • Will compile on Linux someday
  • I don't have any Mac for OSX release.

Binary includes openssl library version 1.1.1g compiled for 64 bits Windows platform.

Source code for openssl can be found at : https://www.openssl.org/source/

Licence : GPL V3

Installation / doc :

Main (and only !) window :