100+ Best of Crypto Quotes - I HODL, you HODL, we HODL! - BREAKING: BITCOIN JUST BROKE $22 000!

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SEC Investor Education:

  • Don't understand an investment?
  • Don't invest in it.

Yes, but what if there's only 21 million of it?

- Trolly McTrollface

100+ Best of Crypto Quotes - I HODL, you HODL, we HODL! - BREAKING: BITCOIN JUST BROKE $22 000!

A collection of (best of) crypto quotes on the new new "in math we trust" ponzi economics; on get-rich-quick blockchain secrets; on bitcon maximalists, scammers, morons, clowns, shills & bagHODLers and more

a) Quotes from no coiners, old school world economists, blockchain journalist & researchers, and more:

David Gerard, Blockchain JournalistAmy Castor, Blockchain JournalistTrolly_McTrollface, Bitcoin Greater Fool Court JesterNouriel Roubini, EconomistPatrick McKenzie, Recovering Japanese SalarymanCrypto US$ Stablecoin_PrinterPreston Byrne, Blockchain Attorney

b) Quotes from bitcoin maximalists, scammers, morons, clowns, shills & bagHODLers and more:


Bitcoiner (BTC), Greater Fool InvestorBitcoiner (BCH), Cash is KingTyler Winklevoss, Bitcoin BillionaireCameron Winklevoss, Bitcoin BillionaireMichael Saylor, Business Intelligence Billionaire


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Best of Crypto Quotes

David Gerard, Blockchain Journalist

If Bitcoin is like an Excel spreadsheet, then Ethereum is like a spreadsheet with macros.


Dogecoin started originally as a joke based on the "Doge" Shiba Inu Internet meme. The idea was mostly to have some fun with cryptocurrency cheap enough to mess around with; and who knows, maybe we'll all get rich!


Tether is "too big to fail" - the entire crypto industry utterly depends on it. We just topped twenty billion alleged dollars' worth of tethers ($USDT). If you think this is sustainable, you're a fool.

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Amy Castor, Blockchain Journalist

We have not entered "Post Tether" yet. Tether is still furiously printing digital ($USDT) bucks. Who believes Bitcoin's price is organic? It's not - it's a Ponzi, and Tether is its Little Helper.

Austrian Maximalist comments:

Bitcoin is not a ponzi. It is a monetary network, first of its kind. Currently valued at 365 billion dollars. What am I missing?


If you can print billions and billions in fake money, you can make the price of Bitcoin whatever you want - until too many people try and cash out, that is.

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Trolly McTrollface, Bitcoin Greater Fool Court Jester

Congrats on writing about Bitcoin's price without mentioning Tether ($USDT). It's like writing about bond yields without mentioning inflation and the Fed.


People will believe anything, as long as it gives them an easy answer to the most important question in the universe: "How can I become rich quickly and without working?"

"International reply coupon exchange" sounded just as cool and mysterious as "censorship-resistant money".

Fitchburg Daily Sentinel News Headline (July 11, 1920): PONZI WILL NOT REVEAL BUSINESS SECRET


The crypto cartel's smartest propaganda move was to create the HODLer culture. By glorifying the act of doing nothing, they reached out to the self-entitled, lazy millionaire wannabes. Every Ponzi scheme relies on the hope that investors won't sell. This one's just too obvious.

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Nouriel_Roubini, Economist

Investing in Bitcoin is equivalent to take your portfolio to a rigged illegal casino and gamble; at least in legit Las Vegas casinos odds aren't stacked against you as those gambling markets aren't manipulated the way Bitcoin is. Instead Bitcoin is manipulated heavily by Tether and whales.


2% of accounts control 95% of bitcoin assets. Inequality Gini coefficient of Bitcoin is worse than the one of North Korea where Mr Kim and his cronies controls most of the country assets!


No use ever, past, present and future for XRP and Ripple products... it is already flopping after spending a fortune and printing a huge amount of totally useless XRP. (Now the XRP army of Twitter trolls, bots, hired guns and zealots will attack again...)


From Bitfinex'ed: «Stablecoins "backed" by USD are technically already illegal. Because if they were to gain traction, people would be able to have numbered, and anonymous, bank accounts.

You've reinvented numbered bank accounts.»

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Patrick McKenzie, Recovering Japanese Salaryman

A friend of mine, who works in finance, asked me to explain what Tether was.

Short version: Tether is the internal accounting system for the largest fraud since Madoff's ponzi scheme.


Many Bitcoin exchanges use "I am a James Bond villain" as a compliance strategy; they are present everywhere and nowhere geographically, always where they need to be to move the plot along but never where they are meaningfully constrained.

Much like Bond villains, though, most Bitcoin exchanges will not survive the third act.

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Crypto US$ Stablecoin Printer

Just printed $200,000,000 USDT!

Total circulating USDT (Tether) supply: $20,533,323,926


Just printed $37,806,778 USDC!

Total circulating USDC (USD Coin) supply: $3,308,104,351


Just printed $29,807,927 TUSD!

Total circulating TUSD (True USD) supply: $514,347,179

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Bitcoiner (BTC), Greater Fool Investor


Who needs adoption when you can have institutional investors! Why bank the unbanked when you can bank the banks! Bring out the champaign because NUMBER GO UP!!!

Am I price posting right?



We have just reached escape velocity.

Austrian Maximalist I comments:

1 Bitcoin = 1 Honda Civic


1 Bitcoin = 1 Tesla, then 1 Bitcoin = 1 Lambo, then 1 Bitcoin = 1 Super Yacht

Austrian Maximalist II comments:

Just keep HODLing until 1 Bitcoin = 1 Moonbase


Imagine not buying Bitcoin at $22 - $30 because you think you missed the bus at $10 ... I am here to tell you it's the same now with $22 000 - $30 000. Buying at $10 000 versus $22 000 won't matter in the long run.

Austrian Maximalist comments:

I cured my fear of missing out (FOMO) at $9 000, $11 000 and $20 000, by buying without waiting for the dip.


Right now at the all-time high (ATH) no one who has HODL is down. That's a good feeling.

I HODL, you HODL, we HODL!

Austrian Maximalist comments:

I bought at the all-time high (ATH) and I'm UP.

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Bitcoiner (BCH), Cash is King

Bitcoin Classic (BTC) is ridiculous; in what world is paying $15 to move a mere $90 ok? This is literally worst than PayPal, Western Union and my bank COMBINED (it costs the same if I were to send with all three TOGETHER). I clearly see the use-case for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now.

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Preston Byrne, Blockchain Attorney

The Bitcoin "Nakamoto Scheme" is an automated hybrid of a Ponzi and pyramid scheme which has, from the perspective of operating a criminal enterprise, the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither.

The Nakamoto Scheme draws strength from what make pyramids and Ponzis so compelling: a) it promises insane investment returns, b) can be accessed by the man on the street with almost no effort at all, and
c) recruits individual participants as new, self-interested evangelists of the scheme.


Bitcoin's market cap just passed Visa's. Yes, that Visa:

  • Largest electronic payment processor in the world
  • $8.9 trillion in 141 billion transactions per year
  • Across 160 currencies and over 200 countries

For contrast, Bitcoin gets about 3 transactions per second, with one "currency," and the network is currently clogged.


As the value of Bitcoin goes up, the energy used to mine the cryptocurrency has reached a staggering 30.59 terawatt-hours (TWh)

That's on par with the energy use of the entire country of Morocco.

Considering the alternative (using old school finance and landing in jail), I can see how some Bitcoiners might see this as a price worth paying in order to access the billions of dollars currently sloshing around in the Bitcoin markets.

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Tyler Winklevoss, Bitcoin Billionaire


No Coiner asks: I never invested into Bitcoin is it worth it?

A: I did and I can tell you it is! Number go up! To the moon!

Austrian Maximalist comments:

I think he's asking if it's still early to buy? Yes, we're always still early.


Washington Post News:

Bitcoin surges past $20 000 for first time.

This Bitcoin rally is the most sophisticated investors, the smartest people in the room, buying the bitcoin quietly. Number go up! To the moon!


When Elon Musk puts the Tesla balance sheet into Bitcoin, we'll have to change the Bitcoin rallying cry from "to the moon!" to "to Mars!"

Austrian Maximalist I comments: Let's use solar energy to mine bitcoin with satellites in space!

Austrian Maximalist II comments: Tesla would be the first ten trillion dollar company! Number go up!


The U.S. Dollar is no longer a reliable store of value. Cameron and I (Winklevoss Twins Capital) make the case for $500 000 Bitcoin. Number go up! To the moon!

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Cameron Winklevoss, Bitcoin Billionaire


There are 3.5 billion smart phones on the planet. All of them can hold bitcoin. None of them can hold gold. Bitcoin is the future. Number go up! To the moon!

Fact Checker comments:

To be precise, none of the smart phones hold any bitcoin. Bitcoin is on the blockchain. What you hold in a smart phone is only the private key to sign transactions for your bitcoin on the blockchain.


Bitcoin will overtake gold. I can't say when, but I can say within the next decade. Bitcoin grew 60x in the past five years. To overtake gold it will need to grow 25x in the next ten years - in other words, grow half as much in twice as much time. Number go up! To the moon!


Over the years many many people have told me that their financial advisor "advised" them to NOT buy bitcoin. $24,000 is a reminder that you should believe in yourself, build your own conviction, and don't let the "experts" distract you from your genius.

Austrian Maximalist comments: We're still in the first inning. Number go up!

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Michael Saylor, Business Intelligence Billionaire


Given the challenge of how to invest $600 million in treasury reserves, after a lifetime of experience and months of analysis, I decided on an allocation of 100% Bitcoin, 0% Bonds, 0% Stocks, 0% Real Estate, 0% Gold.
Seems rational to me. Number go up! To the moon!

Austrian Maximalist comments: Completely rational. Up by more than 50% already.


Money is energy. Bitcoin is the first crypto monetary energy network, capable of collecting all the world's liquid energy, storing it over time without power loss, and channeling it across space with negligible impedance. Number go up! To the moon!

Austrian Maximalist comments: And it's all represented in this: 21,000,000.00000000

Austrian Physicist comments: The science on this is legit respecting the laws of thermodynamics.


Banks once offered savings accounts yielding 5% annual interest, taxable.
Today, banks offer 0% interest, or you can choose the Bank of Bitcoin, offering a savings account currently yielding more than 100% annual interest, tax deferred. Number go up! To the moon!


I have purchased over $1.3 billion in bitcoin in past months and would be happy to share my playbook with you offline - from one billionaire to another.

Austrian Maximalist comments: The easiest way to put a billion dollars into Bitcoin is to put a million dollars in and wait. Number go up!

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