Tipping bot for discord that supports STRAT and other cryptocurrencies

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Tipbot for Discord that works with Stratis

The bot is added to the stratis community discord. You can check it out there.

Or you can add stratis tipbot to your server.

Don't forget to add Manage Messages permission for the bot.

Guide: how to setup your own instance of the bot

A Stratis node (you can get latest release here) with RPC turned on needs to be running.

stratis-qt.exe -rpcuser=<username> -rpcpassword=<password> -rpcport=<port> -server=1

You will also need .NET Core SDK installed.

Clone the repository, open powershell in the repo folder and run dotnet publish from it. That will compile the project and produce ..\TipBot\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\publish folder with TipBot.dll and other files in it.

Now you can run the bot using powershell or cmd:

dotnet exec TipBot.dll -daemonUrl= -rpcUsername=USRNAME -rpcPassword=RPCPASS -walletPassword=WALLETPASS -token=BOTTOKEN

Bot configuration parameters:

daemonUrl - URL of RPC server. Usually<RPC port>/
rpcUsername - rpc user name
rpcPassword - rpc password
walletPassword - wallet's password. Dont specify if wallet is not encrypted
token - discord bot token

Creating a Discord Bot

Before you can begin writing your bot, it is necessary to create a bot account on Discord.

  1. Visit the Discord Applications Portal.
  2. Create a New Application.
  3. Give the application a name (this will be the bot's initial username).
  4. Create the Application.
  5. In the application review page, click Create a Bot User.
  6. Confirm the popup.
  7. If this bot will be public, check "Public Bot." Do not tick any other options!

Adding your bot to a server

  1. Open your bot's application on the Discord Applications Portal.
  2. Retrieve the app's Client ID.
  3. Create an OAuth2 authorization URL https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=<CLIENT ID>&scope=bot
  4. Open the authorization URL in your browser.
  5. Select a server.
  6. Click on authorize.

Testing the bot is responsive

When you see the bot in the online status on your discord server, you are ready to test it.

Type: @tipbot help