Symbol SDK for TypeScript & JavaScript

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Symbol SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript

The Symbol SDK for TypeScript / JavaScript allows you to develop web, mobile, and Node.js applications.

Important Notes

Catapult-Server Network Compatibility ([email protected])

Due to a network upgrade with .

The upgrade to this package's version v0.21.0 is mandatory for the latest Catapult-Server compatibility.

Find the complete release notes here.



  • NodeJS 10.X.X and above (from v0.18.0)


npm install symbol-sdk rxjs


Surf the documentation to get started into Symbol development. You will find self-paced guides and useful code snippets using the TypeScript/Javascript SDK.

To get the full description of the available classes and their functions, check the SDK reference.

Getting help

Use the following available resources to get help:


Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Check CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute.

You can also find useful notes for developers under our documentation guidelines section.


Copyright (c) 2018-present NEM Licensed under the Apache License 2.0