ExchangeSharp is a powerful, fast and easy to use .NET/C# API for interfacing with many crypto currency exchanges. REST and web sockets are supported.

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ExchangeSharp is a C# framework/lib and web sockets, withdraws and more!

Feel free to visit the discord channel at and chat with other developers.


  • Many exchanges supported with public, private and web socket API
  • Easy to use and well documented code and API
  • Optional global market symbol normalization, since each exchange has their own way of doing market symbols
  • Runs anywhere .NET Core runs. (Windows, Mac, Linux, Containers, Serverless, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Can be used from many different C# platforms
  • Has a great CLI that enables you to use all features from all exchanges right from your command line.


The following cryptocurrency exchanges are supported:
(Web socket key: T = tickers, R = trades, B = order book, O = private orders)

Exchange Name Public REST Private REST Web Socket Notes
Aquanow wip x
Binance x x T R B
Binance Jersey x x T R B
Binance.US x x T R B
Binance DEX R
Bitbank x x
Bitfinex x x T R O
Bithumb x
BitMEX x x R O
Bitstamp x x R
Bittrex x x T R
BL3P x x R B Trades stream does not send trade's ids.
Bleutrade x x
BTSE x x
Bybit x x R Has public method for Websocket Positions
Coinbase x x T R
Digifinex x x R B
Gemini x x R
HitBTC x x R
Huobi x x R B
Kraken x x R Dark order symbols not supported
KuCoin x x T R
LBank x x
Livecoin x x
NDAX x x T R
OKCoin x x R B
OKEx x x R B
Poloniex x x T R B
YoBit x x wip R

The following cryptocurrency services are supported:

  • Cryptowatch (partial)

Installing the CLI

On *nix systems:

  • Run this command curl | sh

On Windows (or manually):

  • Download the latest binaries for your OS.
  • Unzip it into a folder that is in your environment variable PATH (ctrl + shift + pause|break -> Environment Variables)
  • Use it from the your preferred command-line emulator (e.g. Powershell, cmd, etc.)
  • exchange-sharp --help shows all available commands


ExchangeSharp uses marketSymbol to refer to markets, or pairs of currencies.

Please send pull requests if you have made a change that you feel is worthwhile, want a bug fixed or want a new feature. You can also donate to get new features.


If you must use an older Windows (older than win8.1), you'll need to use the Websocket4Net nuget package, and override the web socket implementation by calling

    () => new ExchangeSharpConsole.WebSocket4NetClientWebSocket()

See WebSocket4NetClientWebSocket.cs for implementation details.


dotnet CLI

dotnet add package DigitalRuby.ExchangeSharp --version 0.7.4

Package Manager on VS

PM> Install-Package DigitalRuby.ExchangeSharp -Version 0.7.4


Creating an order

There's a lot of examples on how to use the API in our console application.
e.g. ExampleOption.cs

Getting ticker info via Web Sockets

public static async Task Main(string[] args)
    // create a web socket connection to Binance. Note you can Dispose the socket anytime to shut it down.
    using var api = new ExchangeBinanceAPI();
    // the web socket will handle disconnects and attempt to re-connect automatically.
    using var socket = await api.GetTickersWebSocket(tickers =>
        Console.WriteLine("{0} tickers, first: {1}", tickers.Count, tickers.First());

    Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to shutdown.");


ExchangeSharp uses NLog internally currently. To log, use ExchangeSharp.Logger.

Do not use Console.WriteLine to log messages in the lib project.

Provide your own nlog.config or app.config nlog configuration if you want to change logging settings or turn logging off.


The ExchageAPI class provides a method caching mechanism. Use MethodCachePolicy to put caching behind public methods, or clear to remove caching. Some methods are cached by default. You can set ExchangeAPI.UseDefaultMethodCachePolicy to false to stop all caching as well.

You can also set request cache policy if you want to tweak how the http caching behaves.

How to contribute

Please read the contributing guideline before submitting a pull request.


I'm happy to make customizations to the software for you and keep in private repo, email

Donations Gratefully Accepted

Believe it or not, donations are quite rare. I've posted publicly the total donation amounts below. If ExchangeSharp has helped you in anyway, please consider donating.

Donation totals: 0.039 BTC, 10.25 LTC

Thanks for visiting!

Jeff Johnson