IDEX 2.0 SDK built with TypeScript, supporting both web and Node environments.

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Javascript SDK

The official library for REST and WebSocket APIs

Complete documentation for the IDEX 2.0 API is available at


  • Easy functionality to use in programmatic trading
  • A WebSocket-backed real-time order book implementation
  • Clients with convenient methods for every API endpoint
  • Abstracted interfaces – don't worry about HMAC signing, JSON formatting, or ECDSA signatures; the library does it for you
  • Supports both Node.js and browser environments
  • Written in Typescript with full typings for all requests and responses


yarn add @idexio/idex-sdk
// or
npm install --save @idexio/idex-sdk

Getting Started

Get IDEX 2.0 sandbox API keys.

import * as idex from '@idexio/idex-sdk';

const publicClient = new idex.RestPublicClient({
  sandbox: true,
console.log(await publicClient.getServerTime());

In-depth usage documentation by endpoint is available here.


Included in the contracts/ directory are the Solidity source and corresponding ABI for the faucet function for dispensing tokens.

See the idex-contracts repo for a reference Solidity implementation of order and withdrawal signature verification that exactly mirrors the Javascript implementation found in this repo.

The Exchange ABI can be used to query contract state, exit wallets.


The IDEX Javascript SDK is released under the MIT License.