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gopass is a password manager for the command line written in Go. It works on all major desktop and server operating systems (Linux, MacOS, BSD, Windows).

For detailed usage and installation instructions please check out our documentation.



Please see docs/features.md for an extensive list of all features along with several usage examples. Some examples are available in our example password store.

Feature State Description
Secure secret storage stable Securely storing encrypted secrets
Recipient management beta Easily manage multiple users of each store
Multiple stores stable Mount multiple stores in your root store, like file systems
password quality assistance beta Checks existing or new passwords for common flaws
password leak checker integration Perform offline checks against known leaked passwords
PAGER support stable Automatically invoke a pager on long output
JSON API integration Allow gopass to be used as a native extension for browser plugins
Automatic fuzzy search stable Automatically search for matching store entries if a literal entry was not found
gopass sync stable Easy to use syncing of remote repos and GPG keys
Desktop Notifications stable Display desktop notifications and completing long running operations
REPL beta Integrated Read-Eval-Print-Loop shell with autocompletion.
Extensions Extend gopass with custom commands using our API

Design Principles

Gopass is a versatile command line based password manager that is being developed with the following principles in mind:

  • Easy: For technical users (i.e. those who are used to the command line) it should be easy to get started with gopass.
  • Secure: Security is hard. We aim to make it as easy as possible while still providing a good level of protection against common adversaries. Caution: If your personal threat level is very high, we might not offer a good tool for you.
  • Extensible: While Gopass includes a fair amount of useful features, we can't cover every use-case. To support more special use cases we want to provide a clean and simple API to integration gopass into your own binaries.


Please see docs/setup.md.

If you have Go 1.18 (or greater) installed:

go install github.com/gopasspw/gopass

WARNING: Please prefer releases, unless you want to contribute to the development of gopass. The master branch might not be very well tested and can contain breaking changes without further notice.

Getting Started

Either initialize a new git repository or clone an existing one.

New password store

$ gopass setup

   __     _    _ _      _ _   ___   ___
 /'_ '\ /'_'\ ( '_'\  /'_' )/',__)/',__)
( (_) |( (_) )| (_) )( (_| |\__, \\__, \
'\__  |'\___/'| ,__/''\__,_)(____/(____/
( )_) |       | |
 \___/'       (_)

šŸŒŸ Welcome to gopass!
šŸŒŸ Initializing a new password store ...
šŸŒŸ Configuring your password store ...
šŸŽ® Please select a private key for encrypting secrets:
[0] gpg - 0xFEEDBEEF - John Doe <[email protected]>
Please enter the number of a key (0-12, [q]uit) (q to abort) [0]: 0
ā“ Do you want to add a git remote? [y/N/q]: y
Configuring the git remote ...
Please enter the git remote for your shared store []: [email protected]:john/passwords.git
āœ… Configured

Hint: gopass setup will use gpg encryption and git storage by default.

Existing password store

$ gopass clone [email protected]:john/passwords.git

   __     _    _ _      _ _   ___   ___
 /'_ '\ /'_'\ ( '_'\  /'_' )/',__)/',__)
( (_) |( (_) )| (_) )( (_| |\__, \\__, \
'\__  |'\___/'| ,__/''\__,_)(____/(____/
( )_) |       | |
 \___/'       (_)

šŸŒŸ Welcome to gopass!
šŸŒŸ Cloning an existing password store from "[email protected]:john/passwords.git" ...
āš  Cloning git repository "[email protected]:john/passwords.git" to "/home/john/.local/share/gopass/stores/root" ...
āš  Configuring git repository ...
šŸŽ© Gathering information for the git repository ...
šŸš¶ What is your name? [John Doe]: 
šŸ“§ What is your email? [[email protected]]: 
Your password store is ready to use! Have a look around: `gopass list`


To use the self-updater run:

gopass update

or to upgrade with Go installed, run:

go install github.com/gopasspw/[email protected]

Otherwise, use the setup docs mentioned in the installation section to reinstall the latest version.


This project uses GitHub Flow. In other words, create feature branches from master, open an PR against master, and rebase onto master if necessary.

We aim for compatibility with the latest stable Go Release only.

While this project is maintained by volunteers in their free time we aim to triage issues weekly and release a new version at least every quarter.

Credit & License

gopass is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. You can find the complete text in LICENSE.

Please refer to the Git commit log for a complete list of contributors.


gopass is developed in the open. Here are some of the channels we use to communicate and contribute:


Mobile apps

Related Projects

  • pass - The inspiration for this project, by Jason A. Donenfeld. gopass is a drop-in replacement for pass and can be used interchangeably (mostly!).
  • passage - passage is a fork of password-store that uses age as a backend instead of GnuPG. gopass has some amount of support for passage but can not be used fully interchangeably as of today. This might change in the future.


We welcome any contributions. Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file for instructions on how to submit changes.

Further Documentation

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