Gateway service for Safe apps that serve transaction data conforming with the UI of our mobile apps

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Safe Client Gateway


This project is a gateway between the Safe clients (Android/ iOS/ web) and the Safe backend services (transaction service and Ethereum nodes). It is providing a more UI-oriented mapping and multi-sourced data structures for ease of integration and rendering.



This project requires rustup and redis

git clone https://github.com/gnosis/safe-client-gateway.git
cd safe-client-gateway
cp .env.sample .env
cargo run
./add_rustfmt_git_hook.sh  # It installs a git precommit hook that will autoformat the code on every commit

After doing any change code must be formatted using Rustfmt


Rocket specific configurations (including databases) can be configured via the Rocket.toml for local development (see https://rocket.rs/v0.4/guide/configuration/#rockettoml).

For configurations specific to this service the .env file can be used. See next section.


Place a .env file in the root of the project containing URL pointing to the environment in which you want the gateway to run.

The contents of the file should be the following (see .env.sample for an example)


In order to run the test suite of the project:

  1. Have an instance of Redis running (as some of them test the integration with Redis).
  1. Make sure that REDIS_URI is set and points to the current Redis instance (assuming Redis is runnning on the default port 6379):
export REDIS_URI=redis://localhost:6379
  1. Run the tests
cargo test -- --test-threads 1

By default, cargo test will execute the tests in the test suite in parallel. Because some of the tests update some shared local state (eg.: environment variables) the tests should be executed on a single thread – thus --test-threads 1.