Client-side SDKs to create third-party Safe Apps

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Safe Apps Developer Tools Monorepo

Developer tools to integrate third-party applications (Safe Apps) with Safe Multisig (https://gnosis-safe.io/app/).

You can find more resources on Safe Apps in the Gnosis Safe Developer Portal.


Package Description
cra-template-safe-app CRA template to quickly bootstrap a Safe app
safe-apps-react-sdk A wrapper of safe-apps-sdk with helpful hooks
safe-apps-sdk JavaScript SDK
safe-apps-provider A generic provider that can be used with common web3 libraries
safe-apps-onboard Blocknative included Safe App support in onboard.js v1.26.0. To use it, add { walletName: "gnosis" } to wallet list.
safe-apps-web3modal A wrapper around Web3modal that would automatically connect to the Safe if the app is loaded as a Safe app
safe-apps-web3-react A web-react connector for Safe Apps

Testing your Safe App

You can use any of our production interfaces:

We also made a very simple interface for testing safe apps that can be used on any network: https://dev.gnosis-safe.io/

Setting up development environment

Installing dependencies

npm i -g lerna
yarn global add lerna

lerna bootstrap

Running commands

We will use build command as an example. Same applies to other commands.

For all packages:

lerna run build

For a specific package:

lerna run --scope @gnosis.pm/safe-apps-sdk build --stream

--stream options enables command output. By default, lerna displays it only in case of an error.

Release process

Release process is described in releases.md

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