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Gitcoin Grows Open Source. Learn more at https://gitcoin.co

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This is the website that is live at gitcoin.co master branch - staging stable branch - live on gitcoin.co



How to interact with this repo

Table of Contents

On Github

Check out the CHANGELOG for details about recent changes to this repository.


On Gitcoin

Check out the available open issues on Gitcoin.

What is Gitcoin?

Functionally, the app has several key features:

  • Smart Contracts -- Where funded issues are stored and indexed.
  • Brochureware -- Describes the project.
  • Funded Issue Explorer -- A searchable index of all of the work available in the system.
  • Funded Issue Submission / Acceptance flow -- Interface between the application and web3.
  • API - the HTTPS API
  • Bot - the GitcoinBot

More about how/why to interact with web3 here.

Technically, the system is architected:

  • Web3 The main source of truth for the system is the Ethereum blockchain. Check out the smart contracts.
  • Web2 This part of the app is built with Python, Django, Postgres, and a handful of other tools that are common in the web2 ecosystem.
  • Web 3 Bridge This is the bridge between web3 and the rest of the application. Mostly built in javascript(web3js) and python(web3py).
  • Brochureware Just a nice little landing page telling folks what the Gitcoin project is.



For more information on the HTTPS API, please view the api README

Running locally

With Docker (Recommended)

For more information on running the app locally, please view the documentation for running gitcoinco/web with Docker

Without Docker

For more information on running the app locally, please view the documentation for running gitcoinco/web without Docker

Overriding Application Defaults

For more information on overriding the local dev environment configuration defaults, please view the environment variables documentation

Trying out Gitcoin

Posting your first issue

If you

  • have some work on your Github Issues board that you don't have time (or skills) to do.
  • are dependant upon an upstream repo for something, and you'd like to incentivize them to work on it.

try posting a funded issue at https://gitcoin.co/new.

Integrating Gitcoin




Testimonials & Case Studies

Check out the widget documentation to learn how

Adding GitcoinBot to your repo

Gitcoinbot will allow you to add issues straight from github.

Check out the gitcoinbot readme to learn how

Adding your token to Gitcoin

Have an ERC20 compatible token that you'd like to use on the platform? Great! Submit this form to submit it to the system

High Level flows...


This is the high level flow of a bounty on Gitcoin:

Chain of Custody

  1. Bounty Funder's Wallet
  2. 0x2af47a65da8cd66729b4209c22017d6a5c2d2400
  3. (Submission Made)
  4. (Submission Accepted)
  5. Recipient's Wallet

Anywhere between 2 and 4 above, Funder may withdraw their funds via 'Cancel Bounty' function for any reason.

We may introduce arbitration at some point in the future. Until then, we are lucky that Github users are very protective of their reputation, and therefore very kind to each other, and disputes have not generally arisen.

Showing Support to Individuals

  • via Tips

    • A free, fast way to show immediate gratitude towards an individual via github username or email address
  • via Kudos

    • Showcases special skills and appreciation towards other Gitcoin members.


This is the high level flow of a tip on Gitcoin:



  • Crowdfunded bounties + bulk payouts are secured by Tips (at least until Standard Bounties 2.0 is released).
  • Kudos are also secured by Tips