Tron SDK for golang / CLI tool with keystore manager

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$ git pull -r origin master
$ make

Usage & Examples

bash completions

once built, add tronctl to your path and add to your .bashrc

. <(tronctl completion)

Transfer JSON file format

The JSON file will be a JSON array where each element has the following attributes:

Key Value-type Value-description
from string [Required] Sender's one address, must have key in keystore.
to string [Required] The receivers one address.
amount string [Required] The amount to send in $ONE.
passphrase-file string [Optional] The file path to file containing the passphrase in plain text. If none is provided, check for passphrase string.
passphrase-string string [Optional] The passphrase as a string in plain text. If none is provided, passphrase is ''.
stop-on-error boolean [Optional] If true, stop sending transactions if an error occurred, default is false.

Example of JSON file:

    "from": "TUEZSdKsoDHQMeZwihtdoBiN46zxhGWYdH",
    "to": "TKSXDA8HfE9E1y39RczVQ1ZascUEtaSToF",
    "amount": "1",
    "passphrase-string": "",
    "stop-on-error": true
    "from": "TUEZSdKsoDHQMeZwihtdoBiN46zxhGWYdH",
    "to": "TEvHMZWyfjCAdDJEKYxYVL8rRpigddLC1R",
    "amount": "1",
    "passphrase-file": "./pw.txt",


The gotron-sdk code respects GOTRON_SDK_DEBUG as debugging based environment variables.

GOTRON_SDK_DEBUG=true ./tronctl