ğŸŽˆ Manage your Telegram Airdrops on ERC-20, BEP-20 etc. tokens.

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The Telegram Airdrop Bot 💰 helps you to manage your airdrops on ERC-20, BEP-20 etc. tokens.

🚀 Pro Version

The pro version is hosted on my server and includes features such as:

  • Referral System
  • Captcha Support
  • Checks if the user joined a Telegram Group/Channel
  • Export the airdrop list in CSV format

If you are interested message me on Telegram @fabston.

Don't DM me if you are having issue setting up the bot, instead open an issue!


  • Check if the wallet length is correct
  • Set a max cap
  • Each wallet address can only be submitted once
  • Users can change their wallet address after submission
  • Receive detailed notifications for new submissions
  • Enable / disable the airdrop
  • Admins can export the airdrop list by command (/airdroplist)

💡 Got a feature idea? Open an issue and I might implement it.


⚠️ Best to run the bot on a VPS. I can recommend Hetzner's CX11 VPS for 2.89€/month. Sign up now and receive €20 free credits.

  1. Log into MySQL (sudo mysql) and create a dedicated database and user with the following commands:
    1. CREATE DATABASE TelegramAirdropBot;
    2. CREATE USER 'AirdropUser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<YOUR PASSWORD>';
    3. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON TelegramAirdropBot . * TO 'AirdropUser'@'localhost';
    4. exit;
  2. Clone this repository git clone https://github.com/fabston/Telegram-Airdrop-Bot.git
  3. Create your virtual environment python3 -m venv Telegram-Airdrop-Bot
  4. Activate it source Telegram-Airdrop-Bot/bin/activate && cd Telegram-Airdrop-Bot
  5. Install all requirements pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. The bot runs behind a webhook, so you have to create a SSL cert first:
    1. openssl genrsa -out webhook_pkey.pem 2048
    2. openssl req -new -x509 -days 3650 -key webhook_pkey.pem -out webhook_cert.pem
      1. When asked for "Common Name (e.g. server FQDN or YOUR name)" you should reply with your server ip.
  7. Edit and update config.py
  8. Run the bot python main.py


How can I help?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌! The most basic way to show your support is to ⭐️ star the project, or raise ğŸž issues.