HelloBooks is a full stack javascript app that implements a simple digital library for keeping, borrowing managing all kinds of literature.

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HelloBooks is an application that helps manage a library and its processes like stocking, tracking and lending of books.This application enables users to be able to find and borrow books. Users are managed by an admin who manages users as well as add, edit, delete books.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

This is a javascript application built with JSON Web Tokens.

Technology Stack

UI & Templates

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Materialize CSS Framework
  3. Javascript
  4. JQuery

Server Side

  1. NodeJS
  2. Express
  3. Sequelize

Client Side

  1. React(Redux)


  • Postgres
  • Node


  1. Install Node JS.
  2. Install Postgres .
  3. Clone the repository here
  4. [cd] into the root of the project directory.
  5. Run npm install on the terminal to install Dependecies
  6. Install sequelize-cli, Create Postgresql database, Navigate to server directory and run migrations:
npm install -g seqeulize-cli
cd server
sequelize db:migrate
  1. Create a .env file in the root directory of the application. Use a different database for your testing and development. Example of the content of a .env file is shown in the .env.sample

  2. Start the application: Different Build Environment


npm run start-prod


npm run start:dev
npm run build:dev


  • Run database migration with npm start:migrate
  • Start app development with npm run start or npm start
  • To start the client npm run start:webdev
  • Install Postman and use to test all endpoints


The limitations with this current version of Hello Books includes:

  • Authenticated Users can not read books


Sever side tests - Run npm test on the terminal while within the project root directory. Client side tests - Run npm client:test on the terminal while within the project root directory.

Server side testing is achieved through use of chai-http, mocha and chai packages. chai-http is used to make requests to the api and mocha is the testing framework and chai is the exception library. They will both be installed when you run npm install and the tests will run when you run npm test.

Client side testing is achieved through the use of jest package. jest is used to test javascript code in React applications.


HelloBooks consists of the following features:


  • It uses JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication.
  • Token is generated on user login
  • Token is perpetually verified to check the state of the user if logged in or not.
  • Admin User will br pre-seeded into the application with administrative priviledges

Unauthenticated Users

  • Unauthenticated users can look at the recent books in the library
  • Unauthenticated users can look at the users levels in the library

Authenticated Users

  • Authenticated Users can register
  • Authenticated Users can log in
  • Authenticated Users can view all books in the library
  • Authenticated Users can borrow books
  • Authenticated Users can return books
  • Authenticated Users can view borrowing history
  • Authenticated Users can search through a list of books

Admin Users

  • Admins can edit books
  • Admins can add new books
  • Admins can delete books
  • Admins can change user levels for authenticated users
  • Admins can add a new category
  • Admins can edit a category
  • Admins can delete a category
  • Admin can see a list of users


Three models are defined: Users, Books and UserBooks. Book must have a unique title and title on their creation. A User can borrow a book Book. The routes are defined under models/index.

API Documentation

You can view the API Documentation here

Express Routes

Api endpoints were created using express router. The routes are defined under server/routes.


For more details contact [email protected]

Support or Contribution

For any suggestions or contributions please do not hesistate to contact me

Contributions to this project are welcomed by all, If you need to contribute to this project, follow the steps below

  • Fork the repository
  • Follow Installation and Setup as explained earlier
  • Create a branch off development for the feature you wish to add
  • Make neccessary changes, commit and raise a pull request against develop, conventions can be found on the wiki page Note when making contributions, please endevour to follow the wiki page


This project is authored by Benny Ogidan ([email protected]) and is licensed for your use, modification and distribution under the MIT license. benny-ogidan


See the Hello Books wiki

Current state