Emergency Blood/Plasma Notification System: A Browser extension of Plasma/Blood Bank management system that notifies if there are any acceptors and donors in the vicinity of the user (donor and acceptor) with measured accuracy.

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Emergency Notification System

An always on extension that detects live location (Latitude, Longitude) reverse geocodes it and notifies if there are any acceptors and donors in vicinity with measured accuracy.

Machine Learning Module at: https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/FluidLedger

Jupyter Notebook at: https://colab.research.google.com/github/abhisheksaxena1998/FluidLedger/blob/master/SerumLedger.ipynb

System Architecture And Design


Desktop Notifications:

Live Demonstration

Desktop Notification Demonstration

Direct Tracking Demonstration

Installation Guide.

  1. Download zip file from releases https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Emergency-Blood-Plasma-Notification-System/releases.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Turn on developer mode in your Browser.
  4. Load unpacked browser extension.

API Usage.

Deployed on heroku an application that reverse geocodes coordinates to provide city and state


For Instance:


Endpoint to return information of all users.


Endpoint to search users in a given location.


Generic: https://node-blood-donation-app.herokuapp.com/getdonors/api?location={SEARCH_LOCATION_HERE}

Application link to register users: https://node-blood-donation-app.herokuapp.com/

  1. Ishjot Singh
  2. Prince Gaur
  3. Abhishek Saxena