🧰 My TouchBar BTT preset

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TouchBar BTT preset from Toxblh


  1. Finder - click: open everywhere Finder with home folder on the screen
  2. Bright up/down - like physically buttons
  3. What now playing for iTunes, Spotify and VOX. When pressing: like a next button.
  4. I want a coffee! - Immediately look you Macbook and turn off screen
  5. Weather - Local the weather, need additionally install packages for AppleScripts (Location Helper). When press will open the GisMeteo.
  6. Volume up/down - like physically buttons
  7. Play/Pause - Work only with iTunes, Spotify and VOX
  8. Battery status - show a battery status in percentage and remaining time for life/charge. When pressing - nothing
  9. Time - simple a time. When pressing - nothing

My BTT settings:

If you want to change icons, the resolution the TouchBar is 2170×60 pixels