All Algorithms implemented in Scala

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The Algorithms - Scala

All algorithms implemented in Scala - for education

Implementations are for learning purposes only. As they may be less efficient than the implementations in the Scala standard library, use them at your discretion.

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List of Algorithms

See our directory for easier navigation and better overview of the project.

How to use this repository for learning purpose ?

  • Download and install Scala

  • Clone the repository on your local machine

    git clone https://github.com/TheAlgorithms/Scala.git

  • Open the repository using an IDE (Preferably IntelliJ Idea)

  • Enable auto-import to import the dependencies from build.sbt

  • Open the src/main/scala to view the algorithm implementations under various categories

  • Open src/test/scala to run the test cases and view the algorithm in action

  • Visit Algorithms-Explained to get a more detailed explanation about specific algorithms

  • Check Algorithms Visualization for visualization of numerous algorithms