Tangany WaaS - Blockchain Wallet as a Service

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Tangany Blockchain Wallet as a Service

Secure custody solution with focus on performance and usability

Tangany is a custodian wallet infrastructure provider that offers secure and performant solutions for blockchain business ideas. Using the WaaS API interface, businesses can securely access market-leading public as well as private blockchains without much effort.

This repository is a developer-oriented hub for WaaS related resources


Find our API documentation at https://docs.tangany.com/

Check out our Postman collection and start creating wallets and sending transactions within minutes

Download the complete API specification in the OpenAPI format


Explore the latest software changes in the changelog


Currently, we are providing Software Development Kits for the following languages and frameworks:

SDK Description Link
node.js wrapper for Tangany WaaS

Development kits for many other languages are in consideration or active development (e.g. Go, Java, Python, Ruby, C#). Please inquire for ETAs and other information.


Monitor our API status and subscribe to our service notifications at our status page https://status.tangany.com