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Awesome NEM Projects

A curated list of companies, projects and ICO's using the NEM blockchain (some are using Mijin, the private version of NEM, or in combination). This list doesn't contain websites that accepts XEM as payment (hard to maintain).


Augmented Reality

  • Fluffr - Create the use of Augmented Reality to engage with customers. (DISCONTINUED)
  • Scanetchain - Join Telegram - Decentralized open platform where users can freely define and sell their contents and products for royalty and disclosure fee.
  • Verses - VERSES mission is to empower designers, developers, organizations and individuals to create, monetize and experience the most dynamic, interactive and meaningful immersive experiences imaginable.


  • Digitcoin.world - Join Telegram - Most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and specifically designs to deliver the digital marketing solutions for brands, merchants, retailing and service industries in different type of commerce (B2B, B2C, and C2C).
  • mynem.store - Webshop with NEM products and pay with XEM.
  • Qchain - Join Telegram - Suite of open and transparent applications that provide decentralized and secure solutions for digital advertisers, in-house marketers, content publishers and everyday Internet users alike.
  • Scanetchain - Join Telegram - Commercial dApp built on the NEM platform developed for blockchain commercialization.


  • Apostille - Second-generation blockchain notarization service.
  • CopyrightBank - Copyright registration and verification.
  • LuxTag - Digitized certificates of authenticity for products (or machines, or vehicles, etc.) on a blockchain.
  • OpenApostille - OpenApostille is a service with which you can share your Apostille created by NEM Wallet (NanoWallet) with everyone.
  • PROVER - Join Telegram - PROVER is a blockchain service for confirming the authenticity of the events, facts, or phenomena (Proposal).


  • Bankera - Join Telegram - Spectrocoin is building Bankera, a digital bank to last for the blockchain era.
  • Bankorus - Join Telegram - The Bankorus protocol is an open-source API built on the NEM blockchain, so it's highly efficient and protected by the latest cryptography. Former name MiCai.
  • DM Coin - Join Telegram - DarcMatter is developing a blockchain based distributed ledger to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry.
  • myCoinvest - Join Telegram - Ecosystem that offers an incentivized automatic savings platform powered by blockchain.
  • SAVEN - Enables investors of crypto-coins and tokens to reduce their volatility exposure and downside risk without the need of selling their assets for fiat.
  • Sernez - Join Telegram - Decentralised lending platform for educational loans.


  • GiveMatters - Join Telegram - Provide a Community Hub for registered Charities, Not-for-Profits and NGO’s to publicise their initiatives and projects.
  • Giving Ledger - Blockchain-based transaction platform designed to build a sustainable ecosystem for philanthropic endeavors and positive social impact.
  • Solution Token - Join Telegram - Give people the solutions of being able to start a business and create a secondary revenue stream while we aid humanitarian solutions. (DISCONTINUED)


  • Pantos - Join Telegram - The first multi-blockchain token system.
  • Pillar Project - Join Telegram - Return control over personal data back to its rightful owner - you.
  • XPOS Consortium - XPOS Consortium will transform the traditional economy with a solution that unites loyalty points, alternative payment gateways, payment devices as means, crypto payment service providers, crypto remittance agents, licensed money services companies into one.


  • Aerotrading Ltd - The biggest blockchain consultancy company.
  • Asta | Blockchain - We work with our clients to develop use cases for real world Blockchain solutions.
  • Atraura Blockchain - The mission of Atraura Blockchain is to respond to the concerns of our clients related to Blockchain technology, providing talent, information and solutions that allow companies to exploit their value proposition in the clearest and most efficient way possible.
  • CerebralFix - Gaming studios, in collaboration with Xarcade, that envisions creating web and mobile games based on NEM blockchain technology.
  • Cryptodus - Smart Contracts & Blockchain technologies: Advisory, Development, Auditing.
  • Dragonfly Fintech - Pioneering leading edge blockchain platform solution provider for a financial ecosystem, including for the payment, clearing, and settlement sector.
  • GoBlock - Make blockchain solutions accessible to companies, governments and their end users.
  • He3Labs - We assess, architect, and develop blockchain solutions that bring the power of enterprise-level security, auditability, and scale to any organization.
  • KCHAIN - Join Telegram - Leading global professional blockchain consulting company, providing a broad range of blockchain services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations.
  • RapidQube Digital Solutions - On the NEM Blockchain implementing an advanced medical health records application.
  • Tech Bureau - Fintech and cryptocurrency group company in Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Develops software and services for blockchain technology.


  • Cache - Series of platforms that will help make blockchain more usable & accessible to developers and businesses throughout the world. (DISCONTINUED)
  • CoderSchool - Proposal for Coderschool and the NEM Foundation to work together in 2018 to developers on NEM Blockchain technology (Proposal).
  • Devslopes - Become a Certified NEM Blockchain Developer.
  • nemBOX - The Best Place to Learn NEM Blockchain.
  • SKILLONOMY - Join Telegram - Online income goal-oriented peer-2-peer educational platform that tokenizes every productive user action.
  • RocketShoes - Join Telegram - blockchain powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work.
  • Tutellus - Join Telegram - The EdTech platform that pays you for learning.


  • Adara - Join Telegram - Intelligent blockchain financial ecosystem.
  • ATUM - Join Telegram - The most advanced decentralized exchange.
  • brifs.co - Join Telegram - Trustless and decentralised peer-to-peer exchange of digital gift card values.
  • Dimcoin - Join Telegram - Trade shares on blockchain for the first time with DIMCOIN and the DIM Ecosystem.
  • Fundplatform - Join Telegram - Fund Platform is a platform for building trade and investment crypto funds at the decentralized, convenient and secure service.
  • NEM Exchange - Join Telegram - NEM.io Foundation XEM Exchange.
  • nemchange - Join Telegram - Website where you can sell and buy NEM based tokens (called mosaics) and (in the future) other cryptocurrencies.
  • NEMventory - Trade and inventory system backed on NEM blockchain.
  • Token AI - Join Telegram - On demand crypto market and portfolio analysis, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Zaif - Exchange.
  • Zeus Exchange - Join Telegram - Hybrid decentralized trading platform for the financial industry of tomorrow.


  • bclotto.io - Join Telegram - Blockchain Lotto based on NEM.
  • Gamefix - The first big project between this partnership is MATCH'nem! a fun match 3 game with regular level updates and community driven content.
  • NEMonster - A witty little collection game based on the NEM blockchain..
  • PacNEM - Check Source - Free & Open Source Node.js Autonomous Game using the NEM blockchain.
  • ReadyPlayGo - The world's first real gaming app store.
  • Xarcade - Join Telegram - NEM powered cost-effective video game distribution/exchange platform for both game publishers and gamers to use.

Initial Coin Offering

  • COMSA - Join Telegram - Cross-chain controller, router and a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem.

Internet of Things

  • Ethyl - Join Telegram - Ethyl decentralizes the internet of things using the NEM blockchain.


  • cacheout - Platform where developers can be rewarded by helping others solve their code problems.
  • Engate - Connecting people and their dreams through the power of technology.
  • FamilyPoints - Join Telegram - World’s first fully transparent blockchain ledger which stores information about reviews, rewards, and transactions to build a system of trust for children’s products and education (DISCONTINUED).
  • Locally - Join Telegram - Transparent and honest data collection company using the NEM blockchain as a way to mitigate the trust relationships consumers often have with app providers.
  • LoyalCoin - Join Telegram - Earn and use loyalty points everytime, everywhere.



  • Choice - Join Telegram - NEM-powered payment protocol platform aiming to replace existing payment gateways with direct transactions, change consumer and retailer behaviour, and create tangible social impact at a protocol level using the NEM blockchain.
  • Chronobank - Join Telegram - Ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber disrupted the taxi business and how Upwork represented an evolution in freelancing.
  • DIMPAY - Global payment system.
  • Eroiy - Join Telegram - The payment method of the adult industry. Anonymous & safe.
  • Free Market Token - Join Telegram - Powerful utility token enhancing the e-commerce experience while rewarding and protecting both shoppers and merchants on Ecryptostore.com.
  • GCCH Coin - Join Telegram - Blockchain technology to offer faster digital transactions and other services through smart contracts.
  • Graft Network - Join Telegram - Remark: Only the ICO is using NEM - Global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use.
  • MealToken - Join Telegram - World's first cryptocurrency for the franchise market.
  • Mobi Ridesharing - Ridesharing app that will allow people heading in the same direction the ability to connect with each other so they can rideshare on their commute.
  • Moocharoo - Join Telegram - Adventure brand with an aim to develop an exclusive club membership that is controlled through blockchain technology.
  • NEMp3 - Music download store, using NEM to facilitate direct payments from fan to artist.
  • NEMPay - Mobile app to transfer NEM assets easily and securely.
  • Paytomat - Join Telegram - Blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real-life traction for cryptocurrencies as an emerging method of everyday payments.
  • PundiX - Join Telegram - Empowering blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world.
  • SENRIYAL - Join Telegram - Remittance business on Blockchain platform.
  • TokenPost - Users would be able to utilize the issued TPC only after their membership in the TokenPost ecosystem. The token could be used to pay for participating in the conferences sponsored by TokenPost, as well as for the payment of blockchain education services. It can also be used to purchase merchandise in TokenPost Stores.
  • TravelbyBit - Join Telegram - Foundational application of digital currencies is instant payment and transfers anywhere around the world.


  • Day By Day - Platform that manages consumer and business insurance policy needs.
  • Empleos - Join Telegram - New technology platform that brings Blockchain, Machine Learning and Rewards system into the online recruiting market.
  • IP Gold - Join Telegram - IP.Gold Ecosystem is a set of IP-based services, including email, online advertising, content publishing, proxy, VPN, cloud services, and more, that are monetized both simultaneously and in a one-to-one life-cycle that creates long-term retail and wholesale service revenues.
  • LATTICE80 - Join Telegram - Digital platform that provides financial services together with various stakeholders in fintech and blockchain.
  • ORIGINS - Join Telegram - Platform which enables transparent sourcing and authentication of raw materials in global supply chains.
  • Publish - Next generation blockchain-powered news publishing software protocol.
  • PolicyPal Network - Platform built with a twofold vision of addressing key issues that overlap the fields of both insurance and cryptoassets in the world today.
  • ProximaX - Join Telegram - ProximaX combines blockchain, storage, streaming and an advanced consensus algorithm to enable a rich, all-in-one platform for broader cross-industry application and decentralized app development.
  • WatermelonBlock - Join Telegram - Utilizes an AI-powered technology tool designed for cryptocurrency investors and traders, with a range of products, the WatermelonBlock Product Suite, made available through the WatermelonBlock app.


  • NEM DNS - Check Source - Decentralized, censorship free and updatable DNS.
  • NEM Microwallet - Check Source - Simple and easy to use wallet in Chrome.
  • NEMid - Sign in compatible websites and apps with only a NEM account through a standalone application.
  • WeChat Payment App - NEM WeChat Wallet.
  • WooCommerce - Buy and sell with XEM with WooCommerse.


  • Agrello - Join Telegram - Self-aware agent-supported contract management on blockchains for legal accountability.
  • Blockgrain - Join Telegram - Comprehensive grain supply chain software solution.
  • C Estates - Join Telegram - Real estate transaction easy and accessible to everyone.
  • ECObit - Join Telegram - Deploy traceability disciplines on all EcoBit chain of produce movement.
  • GreeOx - Join Telegram - Exceedingly automatized, high yielding container where you get the opportunity to grow a variety of greens and herbs (Proposal).
  • HIT Foundation - Join Telegram - Equitable & sustainable healthcare enabled by a decentralized marketplace for personal health data.
  • Landstead - Registry of land and property, allowing government and citizens to co-create an open blockchain system that can be trusted and consulted by interested parties.
  • MHub - Join Telegram - Transforming the property sector through blockchain-powered property registration and verification (Proposal).
  • MuleChain - Join Telegram - Help millions participate in the global sharing economy by redefining global peer-to-peer logistics.
  • NEMWill - Join Telegram - Our mission is to ensure that your most valuable assets are given to the people you love.
  • VIMANA - Revolutionize the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle industry by developing blockchain-based and regulated Airspace Ecosystem.
  • Voting - Create and vote on polls stored on the NEM blockchain.
  • Xarbon - Join Telegram - Creating a transparent carbon market for a sustainable future.


  • NEM krs - Key Recovery Service (KRS).
  • safekee - World's first secure decentralized cryptokeys Cold–Storage service.


  • Breeze - Join Telegram - Full featured social app with integrated payment technology.
  • PeerStream - Powers multimedia social connectivity (messaging and streaming).
  • Xems - Join Telegram - Anonymous social networking service that uses blockchain NEM for short messaging.

Telegram Bots


  • Blockstart token sale api - This repo provides all of the code needed to operate a token sale on the NEM blockchain (api).
  • Blockstart token sale web - This repo provides all of the code needed to operate a token sale on the NEM blockchain (website).
  • NEM Address Generator - Generate an address which starts with xxxx and/or ends with xxxx.
  • NEM Authenticator - 100% decentralized 2 Factor Confirmation system to secure your account assets from being stolen using the NEM Blockchain native features.
  • NEM ICO Project - Collaborative project that shows a working project of "How to create a ICO with NEM Blockchain".
  • NEM Trezor Standalone - Offline tool for recovering NEM private keys from BIP39 mnemonics and importing them into NanoWallet.
  • XEMBook - A ledger tool library which examines the ledger of NEM and can grasp the NEM activity so far.
  • XEMSign - Simple bot for signing XEM multisignature transactions with optional signing rules.
  • Nagit - NEM API Graphical Interactive Tool for testing REST APIs calling NIS Nodes.


  • CacheWallet - The official cross platform wallet for the Cache cryptocurrency.
  • NanoWallet - Official NEM Wallet.
  • RaccoonWallet - NEM Mobile Wallet app developed in Japan aiming for the easiest ease of use in the world.



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