An algorithmic trading bot which executes trades using multiple strategies. This was a solution for the Spark Blockchain Hackathon's Luno trading challenge

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ETHena is an algorithmic trading bot that executes trades on the Luno exchange using multiple strategies. This was developed as a solution for the Spark Blockchain Hackathon's Luno trading challenge.


  • Luno API: Integrated functionality from the Luno GO SDK, with the ability to fetch live prices of six cryptocurrency pairs as well as place or cancel post-limit-orders
  • Multiple Strategies: ETHena can trade using information from 4 (user-weighted) strategies including RSI, MACD, Candlesticks, Offset-Ema and Trailing Stoploss for risk management.
  • Email Notification: A convenient manner to update the user on ETHena's trade histories, status, and daily performance summaries.
  • Performance Report: Utility feature which automatically generates a graph to help pinpoint where ETHena decided to buy or sell over the course of one day.



This system is supported by the Go language and Python 3.8 and uses the Linux Operating System. To find out how to install Go, and Python 3.8 follow the step-by-step guides here - https://golang.org/doc/install, https://www.python.org/downloads/

To install further dependencies used within the project, navigate through the src/Setup folder and run the file setup.sh to install all dependencies:


Note: If you receive an error while running this file, then follow the links and instructions to manually install the dependencies in src/Setup/ReadMe.md

Luno Setup

To access the Luno market, sign up and verify your Luno account here - https://www.luno.com/en/login. After you've been verified, deposit money into your wallet and initialise an API key. The API key should be kept private as it will provide access to your Luno account remotely.

Insert the authorised API key and key ID into src/go/utils/apiKeys.go in this format:

Note: Please ensure the <NAME> is all uppercase.

func InitialiseKeys() {
    ApiKeys = map[string]([]string){
        "<NAME>": []string{

Note: For email-notifications, enter your own gmail instead of <[email protected]> in the To and From variable in src/go/utils/email.go. Insert your own credentials on line 40 and ensure that you have 'Enable Less Secure Apps' turned on within your gmail account settings.



Congratulations on completing the setup. To run ETHena, go to src/python/GUI and enter the following command:

python3 GUI.py

The ETHena GUI will open and you can enter your trading preferences.

  • Enter your name which should be the same one you entered into the apiKeys.go file.
  • ETHena allows you to weight 4 different strategies from 0 to 9. The weighting of each strategy will determine their importance when deciding whether to buy or sell. Move the slider to the desired level for each strategy - 0 weighting means it will not be used to execute trades.
  • Specify a time interval, which will be how often ETHena decided to execute a trade. The recommended settings are 1 for RSI at 20-second intervals.
  • Finally, browse your files to select the main.go file within the src/go/main/ directory and click run to start ETHena.

You will be directed to ETHena's TUI where you can monitor the ask, bid price and keep track of previous buy and sell orders. A demo of ETHena being run can be found here https://youtu.be/INVkpd85hOY


If you don't understand something or find an issue in the program, please create an issue for this repository on Github.