OpenEthereum Lambda is a repository to ease the deployment of updates into the aws lambda created by terraform-openethereum

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Terraform OpenEthereum Lambda API

Created by Gustavo Belfort



  • GitHub Actions pipeline
  • Deployment upload into a S3 Bucket
  • Deployment versioning saved into the S3 Bucket
  • Deployment of updates into the terraform-openethereum AWS Lambda Function


To ease the deployment of updates for the AWS Lambda API Function and to gather useful metrics from the OpenEthereum node!

How it works

We use a GitHub Actions pipeline to build and then create a zip deployment of the application inside ./lambda. This application is a simple client to interact with the RPC apis of our OpenEthereum node, retrieve useful informations from the node and then return those thru a API Gateway connected to the lambda function

The created zip deployment is stored into a versioned S3 Bucket and then uploaded to the AWS Lambda Function created by terraform-openethereum

General flow:

  1. Create a new Branch following GitFlow recommendations
    • Work on the new feature/update/bugfix
  2. Create a Pull Request into master:
    • The Lambda Deploy Pipeline is triggered
    • We build, install depedencies and then create a zip deployment for the aplication on ./lambda
    • We upload the zip deployment to the S3 Bucket, but keeping the older verisons on the s3 bucket
    • We upload the latest zip deployment into the specified aws lambda

Running locally

This repository is not planned to be run locally but you can do so by:

  1. Installing Node.js and NPM
  2. Issuing:
    • cd lambda
    • npm install
    • zip -r .
  3. Uploading the zip file to the AWS Lambda using preffered method (aws cli or gui)


Feel free to open a PR or create an issue if you'd like to improve the project!