The highly customizable and versatile GraphQL client with which you add on features like normalized caching as you grow.

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A highly customisable and versatile GraphQL client

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urql is a GraphQL client that exposes a set of helpers for several frameworks. It's built to be highly customisable and versatile so you can take it from getting started with your first GraphQL project all the way to building complex apps and experimenting with GraphQL clients.

While GraphQL is an elegant protocol and schema language, client libraries today typically come with large API footprints. We aim to create something more lightweight instead.


yarn add urql graphql
# or
npm install --save urql graphql

The documentation contains everything you need to know about urql, and contains several sections in order of importance when you first get started:

You can find the raw markdown files inside this repository's docs folder.

Maintenance Status

Active: Formidable is actively working on this project, and we expect to continue work on this project for the foreseeable future. Bug reports, feature requests and pull requests are welcome.