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  • Issue a new token on the Binance network.
  • Swap a token from ERC20 to BEP2.
  • List newly issued token on Binance DEX.
  • Create a new BNB account.



Front end website allowing for BNB to ERC bridge support.


Binance CLI utility.


API used to interact with the CLI utility, Binance javascript SDK and Web3.js to enable BNB to ERC bridge utility.


git clone the repo

cd ./sdk

npm install
run ./sql/setup.sql to instantiate the DB.
update ./config/index.js with
    - databse connection details.
    - Binance cli path.
    - Binance connection details for mainnet/testnet.
    - Ethereum connection details for mainnet/testnet.
node ./
pm2 start

cd ../bnbridge

npm install
vi ./src/config.js
Modify config urls that the bnbridge.excahnge API is running at. (http://localhost:8000 by default)