🌲 Rust Filecoin Node Implementation

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Forest is an implementation of Filecoin Protocol Specification, specifically the virtual machine, blockchain, and node system, and (ii) integrating functional components for storage mining and storage & retrieval markets to compose a fully functional Filecoin node implementation.

Current development should be considered a work in progress.

Our crates:

crate description
blockchain Chain structures and syncing functionality
crypto Verification and signature definitions
encoding Forest encoding and decoding
ipld IPLD data model for content-addressable data
node Networking synchronization and storage
vm State transition and actors, message and address definitions


rustc >= 1.40.0


# Clone repository
git clone --recursive
cd forest

# Install binary to $HOME/.cargo/bin and run node
make install

OpenCL, hwloc and a compatible assembly linker (ex. clang) are also required to build Filecoin proofs.


Run the node with custom config and bootnodes

forest --config /path/to/your_config.toml

Example of config options available:

data_dir = "<directory for all chain and networking data>"
genesis_file = "<relative file path of genesis car file>"

listening_multiaddr = "<multiaddress>"
bootstrap_peers = ["<multiaddress>"]

Example of a


The Forest logger uses with the RUST_LOG environment variable.
For example:

RUST_LOG="debug,forest_libp2p::service=info" forest

Will show all debug logs by default, but the forest_libp2p::service logs will be limited to info


# To run base tests
cargo test # use `make test-release` for longer compilation but faster execution

# To pull serialization vectors submodule and run serialization and conformance tests
make test-vectors

# To run all tests and all features enabled
make test-all



ChainSafe Security Policy

Reporting a Security Bug

We take all security issues seriously, if you believe you have found a security issue within a ChainSafe project please notify us immediately. If an issue is confirmed, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure a statement and patch release is made in a timely manner.

Please email us a description of the flaw and any related information (e.g. reproduction steps, version) to security at chainsafe dot io.


Forest is dual licensed under Apache 2.0.