A free but powerful Windows kernel research tool.

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Windows Kernel Explorer (you can simply call it as "WKE") is a free but powerful kernel research tool. It supports from Windows XP to Windows 11. Compared with WIN64AST and PCHunter, WKE can run on the latest Windows 11 without updating binary files.

How does WKE work on the latest Windows 11

WKE will automatically download required symbol files if the current system is not supported natively, 90% of the features will work after this step. For some needed data that doesn't exist in symbol files, WKE will try to retrieve them from the DAT file (when new Windows 10 releases, I will upload a new DAT file to GitHub). If WKE cannot access the internet, 50% of the features will still work. Currently, native support is available from Windows XP to Windows 10 RS3; Windows 10 from RS4 to the lastest version Windows 11 are fully supported by parsing symbol files and DAT file.

How to customize WKE

You can customize WKE by editing the configuration file. Currently, you can specify the device name and symbolic link name of driver, and altitude of filter. You can also enable kernel-mode and user-mode characteristics randomization to avoid being detected by malware. If you rename the EXE file of WKE, you must synchronously rename SYS/DAT/INI files with the same name as the EXE file.

About digital signature and negative comment from Anti-Virus software

Because I don't have a digital certificate, I have to use a leaked digital certificate to sign drivers of WKE. Signing files with leaked digital certificates has a side effect: many Anti-Virus softwares infer files with leaked digital signature are dangerous, because many hackers use leaked digital certificates to sign malwares. At present, I have given up using the notorious HT SRL digital certificate and switched to another digital certificate.

About loading driver unsuccessfully

If WKE prompts "unable to load driver", there may be the following reasons:
  1. HVCI is enabled.
  2. Anti-Virus software prevents the driver from loading.
  1. Disable HVCI or disable Secure Boot.
  2. Add the files of WKE to the white list of Anti-Virus software.

About open source

It is a bit awkward, so I say straightforwardly: I don't plan to share the source code of this tool, but I may share some source code of test programs that associated with this tool.

About WKE can be detected by Anti-Cheat solutions

I received too many SPAM of this issue. I must declare: WKE is not designed to bypass any Anti-Cheat solution. If you need to use WKE in a specfic environment, please order "binary customization" service.

Main Features

  1. Process management (Module, Thread, Handle, Memory, Window, Windows Hook, etc.)
  2. File management (NTFS partition analysis, low-level disk access, etc.)
  3. Registry management and HIVE file operation
  4. Kernel-mode callback, filter, timer, NDIS blocks and WFP callout functions management
  5. Kernel-mode hook scanning (MSR, EAT, IAT, CODE PATCH, SSDT, SSSDT, IDT, IRP, OBJECT)
  6. User-mode hook scanning (Kernel Callback Table, EAT, IAT, CODE PATCH)
  7. Memory editor and symbol parser (it looks like a simplified version of WINDBG)
  8. Hide driver, hide/protect process, hide/protect/redirect file or directory, protect registry and falsify registry data
  9. Path modification for driver, process and process module
  10. Enable/disable some obnoxious Windows components


In order to optimize the page load speed in low quality network environments, I only placed one picture on this page.

Thanking List

  1. Team of WIN64AST: I referenced the UI design and many features of this software.
  2. Team of PCHunter: I referenced some features of this software.
  3. Team of ProcessHacker: I studied the source code of this software, but I didn't use it in my project.
  4. Donald John Trump: Ich hoffe sehr, dass er noch vier Jahre Präsident sein kann.


E-MAIL: AxtMueller#gmx.de (Replace # with @)

  1. If you find bugs, have constructive suggestions or would like to purchase a paid service, please let me know.
  2. You'd better write E-MAIL in English or German, I only reply to E-MAILs that I am interested in.
  3. In order to disclose as little personal information as possible (IP address, online time, etc.), I do not use instant messaging. Just write what you want in the E-MAIL.
  4. In order to reduce the impact of the Internet on real life, I also do not use Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please don't ask me for such information via E-MAIL.

Paid services:

  1. Binary customization: Modify obvious characteristics and remove copyright information, this will prevent some softwares from detecting WKE based on the program characteristics. The customized version of WKE can be run on 64-bit Windows with HVCI enabled.
  2. Implant link: Implant link on "About" page, all users will see it when main dialog appears.
  3. Specific feature separation: Copy source code of specific feature to a separate project.
  4. Driver static library: It contains most of main features. WBD is using this static library.
  5. Driver source code: Entire driver source code.
  6. Software customization: Write the user-mode program or kernel-mode driver according to your needs. This service is only available to customers who have purchased any of the above services.

Revision History

Current Version: 20211111

Bug fix: Enhanced stability.
New feature: Fully supported Windows 11.

Revoked Versions: 00000000

These versions have serious security issues and should not be used anymore.